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Founded in 1979 by Ivone Gaspari, the Company rapidly grew and specialized in tools for mechanical processing.

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Gaspari Utensili srl, a history spanning two generations

Founded in 1979 by Ivone Gaspari, Gaspari Utensili srl made sharpening tools in outsourcing at first. The dynamism of the mechanical processing industry and the resulting growth of the tools market convinced the Company to start designing and manufacturing custom-made tools. Initially, tailor-made HSS tools were the focus, then the range was also expanded to HMI, brazed and indexable inserts boies.

The company is now managed by Ivone’s sons Alessio and Ennio, who are in charge of Technical Consultancy & Development and Sales & Administration, respectively.

In recent years, the Company undertook a full modernization: new machinery, new CAD/CAM software, and optimized working processes. Today, Gaspari Utensili is a dynamic and flexible company, ready to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market: thanks to the technological development and the experience gained over the years, the Company team is now ready to deal with the most varied problems of mechanical processing, proposing the right solution to the customer’s specific needs.


We want to be internationally recognized for the quality of our tools.


We want to help our customers find, design and manufacture special tools that meet their specific needs.

We aim to deliver high quality standard solutions in both performance and durability over time.


Our laboratory is equipped with avant-gard machinery, constantly renewed to ensure reliability and precision of processing.

We work with numerous manual sharpeners, each equipped for a specific type of tool, four CNC sharpeners, and a wire erosion machine; these systems allow us to create complex profiles with centesimal tolerances. The department where we make indexable inserts bodies and brazed bodies is equipped with three lathes and five 5-axis milling machines. There are also four grinding machines (tangential, external and internal) and a welding and brazing department.

Saacke UWID CNC sharpening machine

This sharpening machine allows the production of hard metal and HSS tools to very high precision standards. It has a chain loader capable of storing up to 320 items, allowing unattended processing. The sharpening machine is equipped with a CNC follow-up steady rest with synchronized operation, which allows the machining of tools up to 600 mm long.

Our CNC sharpening department consists of two Saacke sharpeners, one Deckel S20 and one Zaro.


The new DMG Mori CLX450 universal lathe allows the production of parts up to ø400 mm and length of 800 mm. Thanks to the integrated busbar holder, bars up to ø80 mm can be processed unattended.

This lathe is able to carry out finishing similar to grinding and small milling operations, in addition to the usual turning phases.


The CB Ferrari A176 machining center with Heidenhain TNC640 control guarantees high precision milling when strict tolerances and high finishing are required. It’s the jewel in our crown in milling of complex insert seats and creation of chip evacuation helical compartments.

The big cabin allows the machining of tools up to 1200 mm in length.

School project

Since 2020 Gaspari Utensili has been collaborating with the Salesian Don Bosco Institute in Schio in a professional training course in dual system mechanics.

Aiming to share his skills on mechanics and tools, Alessio Gaspari wrote a series of books entitled “Il Tecnologo” (The Technologist). The technologist is half-way between the worker, who makes the mechanical parts, and the engineer who design them. The series, consisting of three volumes, starts from the basic principles of mechanical processing, delves into problems and deepen technical solutions to solve them. A particular focus is given to the tool, its correct use and maintenance.

“Il Tecnologo” is fundamental reading in technical schools, but is also a series for those approaching the world of mechanical processing for the first time or wanting to deepen their skills. Books are available by contacting Gaspari Utensili or at Amazon.

Talking to other metalworking companies, we discovered a lowest common denominator: extreme need for skilled labour. Nowadays, finding young people with a technical school degree is increasingly difficult for our companies: there are no workers, quality managers, department heads, maintenance workers, etc. At the same time, the youth unemployment rate in Italy was 29.8% in 2021: hundreds of thousands young men and girls frustrated by the lack of jobs consistent with their educational background, a lot of them realizing too late that they have chosen the wrong course of study after secondary school.

Gaspari Utensili, with a pool of companies from the Vicenza province, is very sensitive to this issue and holds company tours for schools to introduce students to the business world of today. The comics “Il Tecnologo” (The technologist) was born for this need: the story of a young boy during his first work experience. The comic is a series of episodes which show the students what is a company and which professionals are required by the job market today. It is available exclusively at Gaspari Utensili.


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