Milling cutter bodies and tools with mechanical fixing

We are specialized in design and production of these tools.

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Milling cutter bodies and tools with mechanical fixing

Many factors led us to specialize in design and production of milling cutter bodies and tools with mechanical fastening:

  • the lack on the market of the tool suitable for a certain specific processing;
  • the choice by the large tooling companies to discontinue some product lines;
  • the need to increase processing performance;
  • the need to use specific inserts for which the corresponding cutter body is not found.

We understood decades ago that these needs were to be met, that’s why we excel in these market niches offering tailor-made solutions on a daily basis, according to the needs of our customer.

product range

In our dedicated department, we turn and mill tools with interchangeable inserts from 8 mm up to… no limit. We have made disc cutters with a diameter of 3 meters, lathe tools with a length of 1 meter, not to mention our anti-vibration bars. Dimensions do not scare us, we take them as a challenge and a spur to apply our knowledge to over-sized tools, too.

The insert seats are made on 5-axis DMG Mori and CB Ferrari machining centers, which guarantee compliance with very tight dimensional tolerances. Our items are particularly appreciated for the careful finishing of the insert seat, which is machined in order to avoid play and slack: they would lead to the instability of the plate and impact the functionality of the tool. We can make the seats of the most common inserts on the market, regardless of their fixing system (screw, lever, bracket, wedges or cartridges). Our bodies are made of 42CrMo, 39NiCrMo or 18NiCr:  these are steels that better respond to the stresses the tool must bear during machining.

Items can be made with the attachment required by the customer: cylindrical, Weldon, Whistle Notch, Varilock, BT, ISO DIN 69871, up to modular ones obtained from semi-finished products.

surface finish

Our mechanically fastened items receive a nitriding treatment (or other suitable treatment depending on the specificity), in order to guarantee non-deformability of the insert seats over time and to protect the body from the corrosive effect of chip flow. When the customer is in a hurry and cannot wait for the technical hardening times, we offer a technically equivalent solution: we make the tool with a special material by Bohler (named M261, a pre-heated tool steel), which guarantees the same wear resistance as conventional nitrided steel.

To ensure the inalterability of its surface, the tool undergoes a phase of hot burnishing rigorously carried out by our team for the highest standards.

All our items are laser marked with a product code, production batch and – upon request – with datamatrix. If you want to know more about the importance of traceability and traceability of tools, check our Tattools software.