Shaping of inserts and tools

Gaspari Utensili offers a wide range of items internally designed and manufactured to offer a 360° service to its customers.

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Shaping of inserts and tools

The world of mechanical processing is truly infinite and we often are challanged with creating parts with dedicated tools or specially modified for a certain job, due to the creativity of some designers. We sometimes strive to adapt a standard commercial tool to the customer’s specific needs. To meet this daily need, Gaspari Utensili has a team of expert workers who perform numerous types of customizations.

Every year, we receive thousands of inserts on which we perform special shaping or simple additions of radii, reliefs or chamfers. Thanks to our machineries and the experience of our operators, we work on milling cutters or milling discs. For example, we reduce diameters, add fixing surfaces, modify thicknesses and reshape profiles according to drawingsThe know-how of our staff is our plus in dealing with customization, acquired in years of experience.

We often receive many lathe tools that require adaptations of the cutting edges and drains to limit their footprint or avoid collision with the workpiece. For these adjustments, our laboratory is equipped with manual sharpeners, a wire erosion, grinding and CNC sharpening machines for the more complex customizations.

The historical link we have with the biggest tool manufacturers allows us to offer custom items in complete supply, simplifying the process for the customer.

This type of customization completes the wide range of items designed and manufactured by Gaspari Utensili, in order to offer a 360° service to its customers.