Repair of damaged tools

We can restore the insert seats when damaged by impact, wear or chip rubbing. 

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Repair of damaged tools

One of the historical services of our company is the repair of damaged mechanically fastened tools. This type of intervention consists of restoration of insert seats damaged by impact, wear or chip rubbing on the tool body. The restoration is possible when the threaded hole of the insert seat is still intact; when this part of the seat is completely removed or cracked, the repair is no longer possible. 

The repairing begins with sandblasting to remove leftovers filler material and dirt, followed by a transfer of Inconel 625 material with the aid of an argon gas lance. This transfer fills the cracks and the depressions, thus creating a new base for the reconstruction of the damaged seat. Then, the insert seat is restored using a manual sharpener or a 5-axis machining center (depending on the complexity of the seat to be rebuilt).

It is also possible to eliminate broken screws inside the thread through the use of micro-tips or with the aid of a drilling machine, which disintegrates the broken screw by means of an electrode. If the thread is damaged, preventing the new screw from entering, a bushing of the hole is performed or a tig carryover is carried out. This technique is performed by our most experienced workers, as it requires precision and a steady hand.

If you have kept damaged cutters or tools whose new purchase value is high, evaluate with us the convenience of repairing them. It will be sufficient to provide us with detailed photos of the tools to receive a quote for their regeneration. Remember that to perform this process, you must always send us the tools with its inserts, screws and any other spare parts for the mounting of the seat.