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Tool room software

Being efficient is a fundamental characteristic to excel and get good results. Reducing your waste and optimizing time are success factors.

  • How frequently you don’t find that specific tool you were sure you had in some drawer? 
  • How many times have you bought a useless duplicate of a tool only because you no longer remember where it was stored?
  • How often you are on board the machine, once work has begun, to realize that a specific tool is missing?

There is no chance of success for a disorganized work: efficiency and preventive planning have become watchwords for every company.

That’s why Gaspari Utensili has created Tattools, an innovative management software for the tool room which make the tool manager’s life easier. 



Keeping track of a tool means knowing everything about it: what it is, where it is and in what conditions it is. How do you store all this information? Using a code called datamatrix: consisting of black and white cells arranged to form a square, this code can uniquely identify a specific tool. By marking the datamatrix on the stem of the tool, it has been tattooed for life: that’s why our software is called Tattools!

Like a tattoo, the datamatrix permanently follows the tool throughout its life span, allowing the tools manager to know its history and find its characteristics. Within the Tattools platform it every tool in the tools room can be registered, regardless of its specifications.

Once the database is created, every tool can constantly be tracked it in real time: it can be queried to find out where that fine pitch male for blind holes has been placed or if a 10xD long drill is available; it can also create a list of tools to be re-sharpened, simply by scanning their datamatrix: no more hand-written lists!

If you are curious to try Tattools, contact us and request a free demo.