One of the flagships of our production are the mechanically fastened boring bars, usually used in the automotive sector and in the production of large batches.

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rough and finish BORING BARS

One of the flagships of our production are the mechanically fastened boring bars, usually used in the automotive sector and in the production of large batches.

The boring tool, often made up of several insert seats, allows the machining of diameters, chamfers, radii, counterbores and shaped profiles at the same time with a single tool.

The use of a combined boring tool allows a reduction in machining times, thanks to shorter machine setup and tool change times. The practicality of this tool has made it an indispensable work tool not only for large productions, but also for the most current small series.

product range

According to the amount of stock to be removed, the type of machine and material to be processed, our team studies the optimal work cycle and finds the tools necessary for production. Then, we design roughing boring bars which remove most of the stock on the piece, thus preparing the surface for the finishing boring bars. With this finishing, we achieve centesimal accuracies and finishes with reduced roughness.

Depending on the requirements, the boring bars can be made with a fixed seat, cartridge seat or with micro-boring units. These latter elements are supplied together with the boring machine to offer a complete turnkey package. Should it prove necessary, due to space constraints or the need to use a shaped insert, we can make tailor-made cartridges.

Items can be made with the attachment required by the customer: cylindrical, Weldon, Whistle Notch, Varilock, BT, ISO DIN 69871, to switch to modular ones obtained from semi-finished products.

Our fixed seat boring bars undergo a nitriding treatment (or other suitable treatment depending on the specificity) which guarantees the non-deformability of the insert seats over time.

The tool is hot burnished, which grants the durability of its surface;  we apply this treatment ourselves to ensure the highest standards.

All our items are laser marked with product code, production batch and – upon request – with datamatrix. If you want to know more about the importance of traceability and traceability of tools, check our Tattools software

LIGHTENED ergal boring bars

Frequently, in the design of a boring tool, one has to deal with problems such as tool change times or the risk that the boring bar comes off or tends to bend on the spindle due to its weight; these issues must be early identified during the design phase. 

Gaspari Utensili has studied ad-hoc solutions to solve these situations: lightened boring bars, featuring cavities and drains that reduce their overall weight. On large diameters, the boring bars are made of an Ergal graft, a particular 7075 aluminum alloy that gives lightness to the boring bar, while ensuring good resistance to the tensions generated by the machining. The Ergal boring bars are equipped with ISO or special cartridges or with micro-boring units.

boring bars made with ADDITIVE TECHNOLOGY

Another solution used in more recent years is to make the body of the boring bar with additive technology. This technique consists in making the tool by superimposing thousands of “layers” of Sufi metal powder by a laser beam. This procedure makes it possible to create an internal honeycomb structure which confers lightness and resistance to the boring bar at the same time.