subcontracted components

We can supply custom mechanical components on behalf of third parties, leveraging our assorted machineries.

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subcontracted components

With our well assorted machineries we can supply mechanical components made on behalf of third parties, based on customer’s design. We internally manage the entire production cycle of the component, from the turning phases – made by self-learning lathes or CNC – to milling with 5-axis machineries. 

We also internally perform grooves and wire erosion operations, as well as tangential grinding and internal and external diameter grinding. Care to last detail and scrupulous attention to dimensional tolerances make us a reliable partner for the realization of complex parts. We specialize in the production of samples and small batches of a few dozen pieces.

Our long lasting experience in tool making distinguishes us from a traditional subcontractor, allowing us to supply complex items with high dimensional accuracy for third parties. We can work the most common types of steel, bronze, brass, copper and aluminum.

We deliver fully finished components, including any surface treatments such as nickel plating, burnishing, zinc plating, anodizing, anodic oxidation. On request, our items come with the certificate of the raw material and the heat treatment undergone. 

The dimensional range goes up to 1000 mm in length and diameter.