Sharpening and coating

The power of cirular economy.

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Sharpening and coating

recently, we are hearing and talking more and more often about the circular economy, but it’s not a new subject. The concept is actually a principle applied in both daily and working life by our grandparents, already. We can translate the term “circular economy” with reuse.

Isn’t the sharpening of a worn tool a reuse? By simply deciding to regenerate your tools you are making a green choice, that is not only advantageous for the environment but also for your pocket. The resharpening of a tool bring it to a performance similar to the new one with a cost that usually does not exceed 30% of its purchase value.

our sharpening department

Gaspari Utensili was born as a company specializing in the sharpening of worn tools; even today, this activity is part of the company’s core business. In our long history, manual sharpeners grown in numbers, each equipped for a specific process. The need to reproduce profiles and shapes of tool by the biggest manufacturers required us to combine these manual machines with the most modern numerical control sharpeners. Our sharpening department is equipped with many manual sharpeners and four CNC sharpeners (Deckel, Saacke and Zaro). The latter are equipped with NUM software, which is constantly updated to keep up with the new sharpening type launched by the giants of tooling. We are able to re-sharpen all types of tools typically used in a  workshop, following their original geometry. Whether in HSS, hard metal or brazed, we are able to regenerate the profile of drills, cannon drills, cutters, cusps, countersinks, taps, reamers, counterbores, disc cutters, miter discs and lathe tools.

the surface coating

We always recommend our customers to perform a surface coating on tools. This treatment is entrusted to our partner Oerlikon Balzers Coating Italy ®, European leader in coatings of mechanical components, gears and tools. 

The coating preserve the cutting edge from wear and friction of the chip, increasing the life span of the tool. Depending on the type of material to be processed, we help the customer choose the most suitable coating: each material requires a specific treatment, as it behaves differently and subjects the tool to different stresses.

This opens up a range of PVD and CVD coatings, ranging from the common TiN and TiAlN, to AlCrN, ZrN and DLC coatings. There are also specific coatings for cast irons, hardened steels, stainless steel: the right coating will make a difference in the performance of your tool.

logistical management of sharpening

Gaspari Utensili offers its customers a real sharpening management system: the Roseplastic® logistic system box, which consists of several plastic boxes of different sizes (depending on the need) with trays in expanded foam. These trays are made of cut-out high density foams, where tools can be anchored. By surmounting one tray on top of the other and placing the stack inside the box, you are ready for a safe transport without the risk of breakage and chipping of tools