Hard metal drills and cutters

We use the latest generation sharpening machines, extremely precise and able to create complex profiles.

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Hard metal drills and cutters

With us you can ask for the realization of:

  • Shaped or single-diameter step tips with non-standard lengths
  • Dovetail, conical, ball, spherical and toric, profile cutters
  • T-cutters
  • Push and pull bevel cutters
  • Wideners and reamers
  • Recessors and tools for recesses

Our latest generation sharpeners allow flexible production from single special pieces up to batches of hundreds, thanks to the 320-position chain loader with automatic piece change.

The generous dimensions of these machines and the use of support rests grant machining tools up to a useful length of 430 mm and a total length of 600 mm.

target: quality

Since our foundation, our sharpeners perform the machining of hard metal tools with whole oil: definitely a more expensive choice than the more standard emulsion solution, but it preserves the quality of the hard metal avoiding the dissolution of the cobalt binder. The oil of our sharpeners is constantly refrigerated and is submitted for laboratory tests on an annual basis, to ensure repetition and constant standards of processing.

These CNCs have an automatic self-correction system for machining errors, which eases changes to the tool without ever removing it from the spindle. This decreases machining and downtimes and ensures improved dimensional control of the part.

Care to the last detail

Our tools are made of high quality raw materials provided for by select suppliers who grant a constant quality of the product thanks to the use of first choice tungsten powders: among others, we can mention European renowned manufacturers such as Hartmetall Estech, Ceratizit and Harditalia. The strict relationship with them let us offer solutions in solid carbide of large dimensions to our customers, starting from sintered semi-finished products made to our design.

After machining, all the tools are checked by our qualified staff who make the final touches (such as honing, shank chamfers, rear cooling channel).

Depending on the type of tool and material to be processed, we entrust our partner Oerlikon Balzers Coating Italy with the execution of the surface coating. The coating is a thin layer of chemical deposit, carried out in special ovens, which allows greater smoothness of the chip and a longer life span of the tool.
The range of different types of coatings is very wide but, thanks to our experience, we know how to guide the customer in choosing the most performing one for his needs. Our coatings range from the traditional TiN, TiAlN, AlCrN and ZrN ones to the innovative Hard Carbon (for aluminum alloys), Alnova (specific for stainless steel) and Latuma (suitable for cast iron processing). As a rule, after coating all our tips are brushed: this decreases the friction of the chip when it flows along the groove, facilitating its evacuation.

All our items are laser marked with product code, production batch and – on request – with datamatrix. If you want to know more about the importance of traceability and traceability of tools, check out Tattools software.